About Us

I’m Alan Yeung and FotoBit was my “ah-ha moment,” so to speak. I was trying to think of a way to share my Instagram captures of my family (mainly, my kids) with my dad, who loves to see pictures of his grandkids, but has a harder time keeping up with all the social networks and apps where most of my photos tend to live these days.

Working with a small, dedicated team at CRISP^YHKG, we created FotoBit to take the Instagram experience out of our phones and bring it into real life in a simple, beautiful way, drawing from our knowledge as product designers and developers and our collective enthusiasm for photography, technology and architecture.

The FotoBit team at CRISP^YHKG is a talented group that has launched a number of successful tech-based products. FotoBit is our passion project that bridges our digital, connected lifestyle with a desire to share and preserve memories in a format that doesn’t disappear with a swipe, tap or click.

With your support, we would love to go full speed into making FotoBit a reality and get you started on creating your modern-day memory wall. Our goal is to introduce a product that stands the test of time, even if the smartphones we use to capture images change over the years. We envision FotoBit as an image display solution that’s perfect for homes, offices, hotels and even restaurants, but we need your help to bring our vision to life.