A Day to Remember

Memorial Day always marks the beginning of summer for me. It is usually a weekend of BBQ, ice tea and some fun in the sun with family and close friends…as well as shooting a ton of Instagram photos!

On a more serious note, today I attended my daughter’s Memorial Day School Assembly where she was one of the students from her theater art class to sing You’re A Grand Old Flag. I was not only a very proud mother, but it was truly refreshing to be reminded of why we celebrate Memorial Day through the patriotic eyes of our children as they learn about honoring our country’s fallen heroes.

As of today, we have approximately 1,473,900 men and women on active duty. The very first ceremony took place in the 1800’s, honoring our Civil War Veterans. Over time, it became declared as a national holiday to honor all Americans in service, past or present.

You may have loved ones who have died serving this country, or you may have a loved one who is still fighting for our freedom. Whatever the case may be, our modular picture frames will help you remember those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Let us never forget their courage by placing them on our wall as we think of them on a daily basis.

The Fotobit team has created a little something of our own to honor those who stand today to keep us safe. Thank you to all those in combat who are defending us and helping us fight against the threat of global terrorism. 

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Memorial Day.

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