Fotobit for my Mother

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Stage 3, ten years ago. I didn’t realize this until Mother’s Day when we were reminiscing about me as a baby and how I almost broke my mother’s back because I was so fat and chubby. I can’t believe my mom has been in remission and free from cancer for ten years now. It is a major milestone and Mother’s Day was the perfect day to celebrate her strength and determination. She never let cancer bring her down. She fought it like a champ and beat it down her way, on her terms. It is bitter sweet because while looking back and how my mom survived, the truthful fact of the matter is that I am also in Hong Kong visiting right now because my father isn’t well. My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer two years ago. He had an operation and we thought he was out of the woods. Instead, things went downhill from there. So here I am, with tears in my eyes but wanting to share this very special moment with you.

I flew in Sunday morning at 7 am and was able to have lunch and dinner with my mom to celebrate. You see, I live in Orange County, California. My parents live in Hong Kong. The very next morning my mom flew to New York to have her annual check up to make sure her cancer doesn’t come back. The thing others do not know about cancer is once you have it, you live in constant fear that it will come back. My mom is very diligent in making sure that doesn’t happen. My job now is to watch over my dad and be there in the absence of my mom.

I am a very artistic and creative person. I am an interior designer after all! I have made my mom many mother’s day gifts over the years and she has loved those more than anything I have ever bought her. This year I gave her a gag gift of some tableware as she loves to throw dinner parties and entertain. Of course, she loved it. However, the real gift I made today so that I can put it up and surprise her upon her return from the States.

My mom is very much the Chinese Tiger Mom. Heck, I’d even call her a Dragon Mom. She has high standards for me and expects my 200% on everything I do. Whilst it wasn’t the easiest mom to face while growing up, I appreciate it so much now as it has shaped me to who I am today. I hold myself to a very high standard. Every day I work hard to achieve my dreams and I never take the easy way out no matter how difficult things are. As much as she is a tough person, she is also warm, loving and supportive. With her help, you feel like you can tackle the world. You can be anybody you want to be because she is behind you. She gives you confidence and a kick in the butt when you need it. As long as she's alive, you have a place to go home when the world gets a little tough. She's a mother. There's no one on earth who cares for you like she does. No one.

My brilliant idea is to make a Fotobit wall displaying all the moments that she impacted my life and showed me what true motherhood is about. It is also a gift to celebrate her 10 year anniversary of being free from cancer. By putting in the time to think of something, and then having the effort to make it myself, will show my mom how much I appreciate all the times she spent taking care of me while I was growing up and maybe make up for some of the sleepless nights she had because of me. I know for a fact she will genuinely appreciate the great amount of thought that went into creating memories that she can keep looking at and adding to. And nothing is more priceless than capturing and displaying those moments on her wall as she is a very sentimental person.

I will go through step-by-step how you can do this with our 9 Pack of Fotobit frames. If you feel 9 frames isn’t enough, then buy as many as you need to fill that wall to put a big smile on your mother’s face. I know I will be adding A LOT more than just 9 frames.

Because our frames are sized to be 4x4, how much easier is it than to go onto your Instagram feed and just print them out.

I realize maybe not everyone has an Instagram feed. You can also use your own personal printer to print your photos then cut it down 2 inches to create your own 4x4 sized picture. Our box comes with everything you need (including nails and a bubble level) to complete this project. The only items you would need to provide are a pair of scissors and a hammer. 

Step 1

Select 9 photos you want to use and print them out. If your photos are already 4x4 then skip Step 2 and move on to Step 3.

Step 2

If you are still holding onto a 4x6 photo, then proceed to trim 2 inches of excess area to create a 4x4 square. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just make sure the subject is centered and you can do that easily with a 4x4 template. I just use the acrylic window from the frame to place over my photo and cut around it.

Step 3

Once you have all 9 photos trimmed to size, then place each one into a Fotobit frame and snap the back in place.


Step 4

Take one of the backing of the frames and place it against the way of your choice. Then place the bubble level into the slot provided in the frame and make sure it is even before hammering the nail in (as shown above)

Step 5

Clip the other frames around in the pattern or shape you want and build outwards until you have the desired result.

Here is a link to our YouTube videos that explains the entire process. Watch the videos if you need additional help with installation. 

Framing -

Installation -

I can’t wait until my mom comes home to see this. My dad was a bit jealous that he didn’t get a wall of photos. But I have a secret, I will make one for him for Father’s Day!!! Shhhh…he will be very happily surprised. 

That wasn’t so bad right? Now it’s your turn. You can keep on adding to your masterpiece as you build up your very own Fotobit collage.

We would love to see your creation so please post it on our Facebook wall and share with your friends as well. Let us know how much your mother (or father) loves your Fotobit creation.

Growing up with aging and ill parents is certainly a very challenging part of life. My dad has almost become childlike and I need t reprimand him to take his medication and to stay on top of things even though he stubbornly denies he needs any sort of help. 

Many of you may not know this but Fotobit was created for this very reason. To keep our parents in the loop of our lives. To see their kids build their own families. To see their grand children grow up. To help keep these precious moments alive. Such important moments deserve more than just a digital image on our Instagram feed or on our Facebook timeline. Now it is your turn to turn those digital images into printed memories for your families, because only then will Fotobit have achieved it’s goal and become a success in our eyes. One day our parents will be gone but their memory will live forever on our wall.

Until next time…have a wonderful week.

  • Tony Crisp says...

    Beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing.

    On May 12, 2015

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