6 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 For the Instagram Addict

Bring all his/her text emoji heart faces to life with gifts that show you really care (and get it). We’ve compiled a list of today’s top Instagram products in the digital market. Congratulations, you’ve just won Valentine’s Day.

1. Stitchtagram

The company began with their Instagram collage pillows but has moved far past that. Now, when your significant other isn’t holding you, they can hold a clutch, wallet, bag... covered in a smattering of their filtered-fun adventures with you and friends

2. Olloclip

Recently redesigned for the iPhone 6, the Olloclip is a photo lens system that can transform your images into pieces of artwork. It’s a sure fire way to add depth to any photo, and will have friends convinced you didn’t use your smartphone.

Bonus: Make a date out of it. Give it to your Valentine at the beginning of your date and capture memories together using the handy little lens.

3. Projecteo

Projecteo is a miniature slide projector that turns your Instagram images into your own personal slide show. If its features don’t get your Valentine swooning, its adorable size will. This Kickstarter-backed product isn’t necessarily for the functional-loving but more so for those who shoot for the “oohs” and “aahs” at parties. For just under $35, you can upload up to nine of your favorite Instagram images and the company will develop them on to a single frame of 35mm slide film which is inserted into a small black wheel. Your Projecteo and wheel of images will arrive together in the mail. Order this one now to make it in time for Valentine’s Day.

4. Fotobit + Snapbox Prints.

Our perfectly-sized Instagram wall art frames will put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s not only that they have the ideal 4x4” measurements, or that they are the easiest to hang, it’s their function to be rearranged directly from the wall that has people talking. Your real life catalog of memories can be rearranged as quickly as your digital world changes. See how easy (and fun!) it is in this 2 min. video.

Bonus: Enjoy a 25% off Valentine’s Day discount on your prints from our friends atSnapbox Prints to go with your frames.

5. Instagram Coasters

Preserve your instagram memories in stone cold coasters. She’ll think you’re a stone cold fox for it.

6. Origrami

This Aussie husband-wife power team creates awesome Polaroid-style postcards and retro magnets. You will get major cool points for gifting this one.


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