Big Game Hacks for the Perfect Super Bowl party

No need to paint your face to show your team spirit for this year’s Big Game. We’ve got the perfect recipe to make sure your party is not only decked with deliciousness, but makes an epic statement using our Instagram-sized Fotobit frames

Print out classic photos of your favorite football stars. Encapsulate a triumphant Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman onto your walls using our white frames. Making a montage of his wins will set the stage for some pre-game good luck and really boost some healthy competition. For more fun, own your 12th man mantra and dedicate a whole wall to the iconic number. .

Is all the Seahawks talk boiling your blood? Tom Brady or “Brady Bot” fans can equally adorn their walls with New England Patriots’ reds, whites and blues. Remember, our modular framing system means these photos can be easily switched out and replaced with others directly from the wall, so make a game of it! Keep rotating your favorite team as the touchdowns and quarters pass. .


Create a DIY Nacho Bar. Your guests have their own tastes just like they have their own team, so give them some dipping options. Lay out a spread and lay out some fun.


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Chill beer quicker with salted ice. Warm beer is one of the biggest party fouls you can have. Wikihow gives you the details to ensure your guests always have a "cold one."

Never lose the bottle opener. Tie it to your drink cooler! This one from Buzzfeed has us kind of face palming. So simple, so smart.

Bake Deviled Eggs. Deviled eggs are a huge party hit (plus they are somewhat shaped like mini footballs!), but making them can be time consuming and messy. The Burlap Baghas a solution that only takes 30 minutes with one step: preheat the oven to 325-350 degrees. Voila!

Make DIY Confetti Football Cascarones. Instead of accidentally throwing your drink on the floor after a touchdown, throw these bad boys from Camille Styles!


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