Finding Photog Inspiration

Photographers (of all shapes and sizes) love Fotobit for its flexibility and expandability. If you haven’t heard, our frames are the only Instagram-sized wall art option that includes a patent-pending modular photo framing system. That fancy phrase simply means you are able to seamlessly change out your photos directly from where you placed them on the wall. Your travels, your fast-growing kids, and your fast-paced life can be updated as quickly as you update your smartphone.

Among the photographers who love the frames most, might come the travel photogs. Those of you who are constantly on the creative prowl; updating your rolodex of captures daily. We met up with one such wanderluster, Enoch Kim, to ask him where he finds his photog inspiration.

Fotobit: What is your favorite genre of photography?

EK: I love taking black and white shots of candid moments of strangers in a new city.

Fotobit: Where does your inspiration usually come from?

EK: I find inspiration in traveling to a new place and bringing a camera along on my adventures. I love seeing people in their unique environments.

Fotobit: Can you walk us through your process?

EK: I like to try to walk around cities and find interesting buildings or architecture to use as a frame for my subjects, then I will compose the shot and imagine where the subject will be when they walk through. A lot of times in street photography you can lose the feeling of a candid moment when a person sees the camera. I like to wait with the camera pointed already and as they walk through I will snap a photo of them. Or if a person looks like they have an interesting background or story I will ask them for their permission to take their photo.

Fotobit: Sounds amazing. When did you fall in love with photography?

EK: I fell in love with photography when I was 18 going to school in Kenya. The whole process of film made the experience so much more personal. The mixture of composition and the chance that comes with the timing of taking a photo and the happy accidents that come with photography intrigued me. In a roll of 36 I hoped for 5 good images. This process of being so conservative with the shots really made me think about what I was trying to capture in a more focused way. Being conscious of each shot taken made them important and memorable.

We’ll be adding Enoch’s photography to our Fotobit travel wall soon - stay tuned! Find more of Enoch’s work at



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