Fotobit Focus: Photographer Anne Gustafson

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And to celebrate those rare birds with instinctively creative eyes, we’ve set out to feature an artist, designer, photographer or whatever sort of creative trade you claim in our latest series, Fotobit Focus.

Our first series spotlight falls on photographer and life enthusiast Anne Gustafson The Orange County, CA born resident is currently on an adventure in South America where she is using the country as her personal canvas. We briefly got the chance to live vicariously through her photos so far. Come with us.

“Why am I going? Good question. I have this urge begging me to explore and I don't know what else to do but listen. People keep saying this trip will change me forever.#fearandexcitement #seeyouinapril #anneventure thanks for the Polaroid @moejerome — at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).”

“Rio at night on top of the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar) with the Christ Redeemer statue overlooking the city.— at Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro.”

“Yesterday we went to a party at sunset of a group practicing for carnival. There was dancing and instruments made of bamboo and run mugs and stilts and costumes and glitter and it felt like a dream. (Ensaio orquestra voa dora)”

“Rio's Museum Art Museum... The art in Rio was really good. My favorite was all the graffiti street artists. I would post that but we saw most of it while driving or out at night. (Rio scraps)”

“(Iguazu Falls) I've never heard of these falls before the trip, but they claim to be one of the 7 wonders of the world. I wonder how many wonders of the world there actually is. But I do know these falls make Niagara Falls seem small”

“This caption was to read "this unassuming bus station took me from Brazil to Argentina", but traveling wouldn't be fun if everything was easy.
Instead this 12 km trek included sharing a cab with three English girls, getting left at the boarder to pay $160 reciprocity fee, a couple back and forth treks by the taxi driver, a stop by the driver to make me smile by enjoying the sunset and take pictures at the line where the 2 countries meet, a new language and 3 hours later I arrived at my hostel. (A rad hostel I might add) #dontworrymom

“Buenos Aires is full of cute cafés. It has more of a European vibe to it than Latin American. The accents are even different and they say things like vos instead of tu for you. — inBuenos Aires, Argentina.”

“BsAs might he the craziest night life in the world. To begin with people here don't eat dinner until 9pm or 10pm, every night. If you eat around 7pm you can find discount prices because this is like their happy hour. Then doing to a club or disco doesn't happen until 3am, we went at 2am and it was empty! And then you dance until morning. — in Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

“Bomba del Tiempo. Every Monday night in BsAs this is where to go. There was 18 drummers on stage, I think just jamming and creating beats on the spot. So much crazy dancing, each person to the beat of a different drum. — at La Bomba De Tiempo.”

Continue to follow Anne on her trek through South America. Follow her on Instagram at @and_anne. And to be one of our next features, tweet us at @fotobit.


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