How to Create Rad Wall Art With Snapbox Prints in 3 Steps

You may or may not know that we’ve recently teamed up with uber chic and cool printing company Snapbox Prints. You may now be thinking, “Okay, cool. What’s it to me?” Well, we’re about to give you the download on how to create gorgeous custom photo wall art all under the same virtual roof. Yep, we’re going to have a little fun wordplay too.

So we got technical so you could be creative. Here’s how to get down to business with Snapbox Prints and frame your creation in our 4x4 Instagram-friendly frames. Just in time for the holidays. Now let’s do this.

1. Head over to the Snapbox Art Prints studio and choose how many quality prints you’d like to create (our custom picture frames come in packs of three’s so you’ll want to choose print quantity accordingly).


2. Now for the fun part. Upload your favorite photos from Instagram, Facebook or directly from your computer’s library. Snapbox’s system automatically resizes your photos so no sweat on your part.


3. The next step is as basic as black and white. Literally, all you need to do is choose between our black or white unique matted picture frame sets. We’ve currently got a crush on the white frames.


So how will you liven up your favorite wall space? We’re envisioning a selfie wall, a Fotobit 8-bit Christmas tree, or a wall space filled with bit-sized inspirational quotes. Swoon.

Share your creations with us using #MyFotobits.

Want more? Here’s a short video to show you exactly how our frames work:

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