5 Photo App Favorites For the Filter-Loving Photog

We love a clean Lo-Fi filter as much as the next smartphone photog, but when it comes to having Insta-game (we just made that up) there are more options than ever to drop your community’s jaw. Enjoy some of the newest and best apps for both iPhone and Android users. And after you’ve had your stab at them, remember you can print and frame your creations for 20 percent off during the holiday season.

1. VSCO Cam deems its app as the “the standard of mobile photography” and we couldn’t agree more. VSCO Cam’s beautiful interface is the premier way to shoot, edit, and share your photographs - just look at the community .Available for most Android 4.0+ devices for about $2.

2. PicLab HD is a spectacular app for creating those inspiring images you see all over the interwebs lately. You know the ones. Those polarizing images - probably with at least one retro filter applied (if not more) - with a helpful truism layered over the top in an attractive typeface. Those. You can use images from your library or snap one on the spot.


3. FaceTune is probably sitting in Kim Kardashian’s app library as we type. Think of this app as the Photoshop for mobile devices. Don’t like your freckles? Feeling blue over a blemish? FaceTune can quickly, simply and affordably enhance your image, even giving you a virtual teeth whitening treatment. You’re welcome.

4. Lensical is free and probably the more silly of the apps. In a good way; add mustaches, a watercolor overlay, or even age to your friends’ mugs. This makes capturing moments “bit by bit” even more exciting.


5. At first glance, Pop Kick App sounds a little kitschy, but after playing with the interface for a few minutes, now we’re swooning. Enjoy a range of nine pop filters and five filter enhancements that will have you feeling a bit like Andy Warhol himself. You can share your work via the usual social media outlets, but with high-res support why not get creative and mount them on your wall?

We can’t wait to see what you create! Share your images directly on our Facebook pagefor a chance to win nine of our white frames.


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