Fotobit Introduces a New System of Modular Framing

In 1816, the first photograph was taken in black and white. Nearly 200 years later, photography has become a commonplace activity, so much so that many of us often take “selfie sessions” in which large quantities of pictures are taken during a single sitting. Upon review of these pictures, individuals delete the majority of them and keep a select few that they deem to be the best. Needless to say, most of us now take photography for granted and once a picture is taken or uploaded it is merely swiped away and forgotten about with the touch of a finger.

How Is Fotobit Helping to Remedy the Seemingly Impersonal Act of Modern Day Photography?

Fotobit was created to preserve these memories as personal narratives. Fotobit is a modular framing system that utilizes a Lego-like structure to connect 4x4 pictures first to the wall and then to each other. Unlike standard frames, Fotobit’s unique photo frames are easy to install and rearrange to your own personal style. Photography is such an essential part of all our lives in this digital sharing age, so modular picture frames only make sense.

How to Use the Fotobit Modular Framing System

Using Fotobit to arrange your photographic memories to your walls is simple. Just nail the initial frame into the place on your wall where you want to begin your narrative; our Fotobit products come with a level that ensures a straight placement every time. Once the first piece is attached just clip on the other frames in whatever design you want. When you are satisfied proceed to snap in the photographs on top, sit back, and enjoy how Fotobit’s modular picture frames are able to display your memories. Moreover, Fotobit uses unique photo frames that are 4x4 sized, the same standard format that is used on Instagram, making this also the perfect picture frame for Instagram prints

Why is Preserving Hard Copied of Photographs So Important?

Although it is possible that physical copies of photographs can be destroyed by natural elements such as fire and water, digital photography can also be easily erased or lost and our memories deserve more. Despite the potential destruction of photographs taken in the 1800s, some still exist to this day because of our individual need to preserve the things that are most dear to us. The tradition of framing photos helps us remember and enjoy the beauty of life every day instead of storing it where we are unlikely to look at them again.

Contact Fotobit to Find Out More

Although Fotobit is relatively new, they will soon be releasing new add-on options that will work hand in hand with their modular picture frames. To learn more about the unique photo frames Fotobit currently offers visit their website at or or read about them here: .

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