Fotobit 'Hearts' Snapbox Prints

Get your favorite filter ready, decide on fish eye verses panoramic, and listen up because we’ve got something your Instagram selfie wants to hear. Our team at Fotobit HQ is happy to announce a new partnership with SnapBox Prints – our newest printing partner who understands your artistic eye and raises you a quality line of photo prints to match.

The back-story on how SnapBox came up with its line of Art Photo prints is similar to Fotobit’s start-up tale. It was the response to a growing number of Instagram-sized photos people take daily and the desire to share them beyond the socialsphere.

“Free Your Photos™” is the tagline the company boasts, and the simplicity of the process is comparable to the ease of our interlocking frames. To get started, simply upload your computer, Facebook or Instagram galleries directly to the SnapBox site. From there, you are free to curate the ideal batch of prints that go in our 4x4 easy-to-assemble frames. Bam. You’re well on your way to making your co-workers jelly and your home a trendsetter’s haven.

Now all that’s left is that empty wall space you’ve been meaning to decorate.

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